Why Is Making FX Simple Different?

Why Is Making Fx Simple Different?

Why Is Making FX Simple Different?

Bit Of Honesty:

The truth about Forex and trading in general is that it is filled with scammers, fake mentors, fake Instagram pages and posts. We truly believe that a lot of people begin teaching Forex training and the only thing they really teach is how to photoshop to try and demonstrate their fake success. Others offer training and referral fees, meaning if you bring three friends who pay an upfront cost of £170 for example you then get a certain amount each month paid to you; now not to speak badly of some of these schemes, but they do sound awfully like a pyramid scheme.

That is why we created Making FX Simple.

We are still quite new to the training community so every client we have is so important to us as it is within our best interests to make sure every client is successful and supported as much as possible in order to really show the benefit of what we can do. We offer pre recorded training videos allowing you to learn at your own convenience, as well as 1-1 training with no additional costs, constant support no matter the time.

We do NOT offer referral schemes we want people to recommend us because of the benefit we bring, and they believe in us not because we are willing to pay so much to them for them to do it.

There are no ongoing fees.

Once you join Making FX Simple community our support does not stop once you finish the course or training videos; we are with you for as long as you want us; if you need us to check analysis, explain a failed trade or clarify a position or any other questions that is why we are here.

Nearly all the mentors at Making FX Simple have fell victim to forex scammers at one time or another within their trading career; that is the whole reason we created Making FX Simple and why we want to start putting an end to people getting scammed and being charged extortionate amounts to learn.

Don’t be caught out by people selling a fake dream.

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  • Use the code stop the scammers for a discount when joining us.

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